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Patncat Co Inc. is a full-service bookkeeping firm helping small businesses with all their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs.

Services Offered By Patncat Co Inc.:

Consulting For Small Businesses

We understand that all businesses spawn out of a dream! Running a business - regardless of how big or small - requires tremendous patience and a wise, effective strategy. Patncat Co Inc provides business consulting services to small businesses in Ottawa to allow them to have the same resources and bookkeeping services as larger companies. Our mission is to help companies choose and create a business plan to set them up for success. We have the experience to empower small businesses with much more than just business consultancy and taxation. Our business consultants have the resources, knowledge, and expertise needed to help small to medium-sized businesses establish and maintain their business operations.

Business Consultant services In Ottawa

  • Business Analysis

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Organization

  • Project Management

  • Creation of Policies and Contracts

  • Data Entry

  • New Business Start Ups

  • Business Credit Reporting

  • Company Credit Check

Bookkeeping Services

What if we told you that we could make the weight of bookkeeping, payroll, and tax prep a thing of the past? With Patncat Co Inc, you get a smooth, experienced bookkeeper solution under one roof. By hiring us, you choose to get top-quality services delivered within rigorous deadlines. Our personalized bookkeeping services focus on minimizing our clients' expenses by helping them with their financial management and tax preparation needs. We perform the primary responsibilities efficiently - we track payables and receivables and keep all of your business's financial transactions documented.

Our Bookkeeping service carries excellent value for small businesses. Our solution is tailored to those who want to focus on growing their business with peace of mind knowing that an expert is handling their bookkeeping. At Patncat Co Inc, we'll help you save time and add strong back-end support to your business or association. Our approach will modernize your bookkeeping systems and give you quick and easy access to your key performance indicators.

Bookkeeper In Ottawa

  • Full or individual Bookkeeping

  • Accounts Payable and/or Accounts Receivable

  • Payroll Services

  • Cash Management

  • Setup or Conversion of Accounting

  • Financial Sheets

  • Data Entry

  • Bank Reconciliations

Payroll For Small Businesses

Managing payroll can be an intricate affair; there's just too much to look into. As a business, you have to meet all the pay periods and deadlines while following all the taxation guidelines. Failure to do this could lead to various penalties, thereby costing the business so much money! Additionally, because this work requires a lot of data entry, it's prone to errors. One may end up overcompensating or underpaying their employees, which again could end in serious coverage claims. You can avoid all these hassles by hiring Patncat Co Inc to offer income tax preparation in Ottawa.

Patncat Co Inc provides a full spectrum of payroll services. We help companies through every payroll stage, from the initial setup to issuing employees to tracking deductions. Here, we are dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction. Our expert services present you with secure, cost-effective solutions to your company's payroll challenges.

Payroll services in Ottawa

  • Collecting and Calculating Employee hours

  • Preparation of weekly, biweekly or monthly payroll

  • T4s

  • Roes

  • Monthly payroll remittances

As a small business, it is natural to be overwhelmed with time-consuming bookkeeping and payroll processing. By hiring specialists such as Patncat Co Inc to take care of these matters, you can focus on other essential aspects of your business. At Patncat Co Inc, we are payroll and bookkeeping experts who work with you to ensure all your payroll needs are met. No matter the size of your business - from startups and small businesses to medium-sized firms and more - Patncat Co Inc.'s payroll management services ensure that you have an authentic, secure, and easy-to-understand business payroll service.
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Businesses We Serve

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  • Contractors
  • Retail (Sale)
  • Service
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  • Fearless Coatings — Smithville
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  • Gemstone Construction - Kitchener
  • GlobalTek Security – Stoney Creek
  • Golden Phoenix Construction - Toronto
  • Integrity Cabling Solutions — Stoney Creek
  • Miran Carpets & Flooring Inc. — Stoney Creek
  • Misco Mechanical - Stoney Creek
  • Murphy Industrial Door — Hamilton
  • Not Just Caulking – Grimsby
  • Banulla Woodworking — Stoney Creek
  • Paul Seguin’s Renos — St. Catharines
  • Rayne Construction -Smithville
  • Sticks & Stones – Stoney Creek
  • Woodside Contracting - Stoney Creek
  • Canvac Systems Inc – Hamilton
  • Closet Envy - Burlington
  • Digi Photo — Hamilton
  • Donut Diner – Hamilton
  • Jewelry Judge — Hamilton
  • Julia Moore Sales Inc. — Guelph
  • LaserTech 2000 - New Brunswick
  • Kelly Lowe Glass - Stoney Creek 
  • Low Price Auto Glass London — London
  • Low Price Ottawa – 9104305 Canada Ltd. — Greely
  • Low Price Windsor — Windsor
  • Luna Auto Sales — Stoney Creek
  • Royal Quality Auto Sales — London
  • Talbotville Auto Sales Inc. — London
  • The Saucy Pot — Port Colborne
  • Toner Tinkers — Hamilton
  • Trinity Beauty Supply Inc. — London
  • 180 Drums - Grimsby
  • 11593501 Canada Inc -Stoney Creek
  • 13222811 Canada Center - Ancaster
  • Alan Wheeler & Maureen Wheeler — Mount Hope
  • Baig Security - Stoney Creek
  • Centennial Medical - Stoney Creek
  • OFS — Grimsby
  • EuroJewellers — Hamilton
  • Federick Trading Limited - Oakville
  • Hollywood Cleaning — Oakville
  • Kick Grass Landscaping – Caledonia
  • Kred Techologies — Stoney Creek
  • Lisa Dunlop — Hamilton
  • Massive Brand — Toronto
  • Newport Funding Group Inc — Stoney Creek
  • Nicole Jacobs Interior Design - Hamilton
  • Oval HQ - Grimsby
  • Regency Law Group – Stoney Creek
  • Toronto Contact Lens - Toronto
  • VQ Equestrian - Puslinch
  • Years Younger - Ancaster

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