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Certified Professional Bookkeeper in Stoney Creek-Cormac

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      Catharine Gilmour

    If you’re looking for a Certified Professional Bookkeeper who can help you take the “work” out of your “paperwork”, Catharine is the one to see. Using her education in Accounting, Business, and taxes, Catharine will help you achieve your business goals. With over thirty years experience in the accounting profession, Catharine leads a team of bookkeeper to assist small businesses with the use of problem-solving techniques. The owner and operator of PatnCat Co Inc. Catharine is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper who has obtained and maintains certifications in Xero, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online.  She is a long standing member of the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, and the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce.  Other asscociatons is the National Payroll Institute, CFIB, and Renfrew Chamber of Commerce.

    When not glued to the computer Catharine loves to spend her time fueling her caffeine addiction at the local Tim Horton’s and spending time with her 12-year-old granddaughter that she has full custody of, and loves to keep Catharine her on her toes. She is at home in Cormac, ON enjoy nature with her pups!

    I am always pleased and excited to make new connections. Contact us today to see what Patncat Co Inc. can do for you.

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      Patrick Eldridge

    Patrick Eldridge was a private in the airforce, a millwright, a project engineer, talented artist, landscaper, entrepreneur and creator of the mouse spouse…

    In 2008 while recovering from a stroke, Patrick suggested that Catherine should “do this on her own,” after seeing her bookkeeping talent and dedication.

    That simple proposal where is Patncat Co. began.

    Patrick was unyielding, and no matter what or how much Catharine resisted, his entrepreneur skills kicked in. He encouraged Catharine, and without his strong persuasion, Patncat Co. would not have been born.

    He brought many of his own strengths to Patncat Co., including his 3D AutoCAD designs. When Catharine got overwhelmed, he assisted with putting her through school, and by making her go to conferences. He was there to help her pick her first employee, and pick her up when she really just wanted to give up. Patrick was always there, to assist in any way he could. In 2015, Patrick Eldridge said his goodbyes. He was forever trying to help, and was always around when Catharine needed him. He is greatly missed by all.

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      Carley Bolton

    Carley, our administrator with a legal background, is an exceptional team leader and the most dedicated and loyal member of our team. Her passion for expanding her knowledge and skills is truly inspiring. She also takes the time to enjoy life outside of work, spending quality time with her family and exploring the beauty of her surroundings, including her beloved cats.

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      Natasha Pare

    Let me introduce you to Natasha, our outstanding part-time data entry specialist. She's known for her dedication and perfection at work, always striving to give her best effort. When she's not working, she loves camping with her loved ones and taking her sons and nephew to the park. Her positivity and passion for work and life make her a valuable asset to any team.

    • Michael Woodruff

    Michael is a remarkable young man with exceptional technology talent and displays dedication and loyalty to his work. He enjoys creating intricate models, engaging in network games with his friends, and relishes solitude. His passion for technology is evident in everything he does.