Patrick Eldridge

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Patrick Eldridge was a private in the airforce, a millwright, a project engineer, talented artist, landscaper, entrepreneur and creator of the mouse spouse…

In 2008 while recovering from a stroke, Patrick suggested that Catherine should “do this on her own,” after seeing her bookkeeping talent and dedication.

That simple proposal where is Patncat Co. began.

Patrick was unyielding, and no matter what or how much Catharine resisted, his entrepreneur skills kicked in. He encouraged Catharine, and without his strong persuasion, Patncat Co. would not have been born.

He brought many of his own strengths to Patncat Co., including his 3D AutoCAD designs. When Catharine got overwhelmed, he assisted with putting her through school, and by making her go to conferences. He was there to help her pick her first employee, and pick her up when she really just wanted to give up. Patrick was always there, to assist in any way he could. In 2015, Patrick Eldridge said his goodbyes. He was forever trying to help, and was always around when Catharine needed him. He is greatly missed by all.