COVID-19 And Its Effects

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The Canadian government has made many changes over the past years regarding COVID-19. When it comes to yearly income taxes and other government filings, there are no exceptions. These filings must still be done on time and accurately. One of the ways you can ensure this is done correctly is by ensuring you have a knowledgeable and professional team doing your filings and keeping your accounts in order.

Through the pandemic, the rules revolving around taxes and filings changed with people losing their jobs, government grants, and other rebates, as well as changes to the way people work and live. Millions of people have been struggling, and many have come to us asking for assistance in these difficult times. We’ve been trying our best to stay diligent and to change our office procedures to comply with public health regulations.

With these new regulations, there were many aspects of the business we had to change. Procedures and processes that we had in the past had to be altered if we were to continue to be open and serving the public. We could no longer have walk-in appointments. Instead, we ensured our clients had scheduled in-person or virtual appointments in advance. We also tried to reduce the number of in-office appointments we had and worked remotely when possible. Most of our work is now done through email or contactless drop-off. Overall, our top priority has been making sure our employees and clients are safe and comfortable with the new procedures.

Cleaning and sanitizing have also become a priority in the office. We make sure hand sanitizer is available to everyone, and disinfecting wipes are at every desk. Employees comply with social distancing and mask regulations, and we encourage our clients to do the same when coming into the office. We take health and safety very seriously and follow every government protocol and guideline.

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