Bill 47: Are you ready for the changes?

Bill 47; changes take effect on January 1, 2019 to the employment Standards Act.

  • Minimum Wage is being held to the $14 per hour until October 1 2020. (General Wage $14, Student 13.15, and Liquour Server 12.20 per hour)
  • Personal Leave days: changes from the two paid personal emergency leave days to all employees are entitled to a total of eight unpaid days.  You are allowed to ask for documented proof providing its reasonable including notes from doctor.
    • 3 days personal illness
    • 3 days family
    • 2 days bereavement.
  • Stat Holiday Pay: Calculation is take the last four weeks of gross pay divide it by 20.  All Stats days remain the same, eight in total
  • Vacation Pay: all employees with less than 5 years with your company are entitled to two weeks vacation calculated at 4% over 5 or more years is three weeks calculated @6%


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