Catharine Eldridge

Catharine’s goal is to see all small businesses succeed.  From the time she can remember she has always been saying “I will figure it out.”  As a problem solver she has been able to deal with most things in her life as well as assisting others.  Catharine works hard for everyone she meets.

Catharine’s career started after an injury sustained at a factory job, instead of going off on compensation she decided to work in the office.  This was when she had the realization that she loved paperwork, and dealing with different business aspects.  Therefore, in 1990, she started to learn more about the many different facets of the business world.

By the year 2000, Catharine had taken many seminars and individual courses relating to inner workings of a business.  She excelled in accounting and found that she really enjoy’s that aspect of bookkeeping.  Some courses that she ended up completing were Microcomputer Software Support Specialist, Bookkeeping, and Managing Businesses.  In addition, to these courses Catharine has also attended Mohawk College and is currently enrolled in the Knowledge Bureau.

In 2009, after the economic recession that hit Hamilton/Stoney Creek and the rest of the country, Catharine decided to start up her own bookkeeping business.  She set up shop in her house and had only a few customers.  By 2010, the firm grew to the point where she decided it would be better to move out of the house and rent a shared office.  In 2012 she rented her own space on the South Service Road where the business currently resides.

Catharine is a long standing member of the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce, and The professional bookkeepers of Canada.  In 2008, Catharine earned her Certified Professional Bookkeepers designation, and this is one of her greatest achievements.  She continues to learn and to upgrade her knowledge. Some of her hobbies include improving both personally and business wise. Catharine treasures her time with her granddaughters reading and just spending time.

Catharine works hard for her customers and wants every small businesses to succeed.  Showing them that what they deserve is the same type of services the big companies get but for small company budgets.


Patrick Eldridge

Patrick Eldridge, a private in the airforce, a millright, a project engineer, talented artist, landscaper, entrepeur and creator of the mouse spouse…

In 2008, while recovering from a stroke, Patrick, “made a comment”  why don’t you do this on your own. that is when PatnCat Co. was formed. He was unyeilding, no matter what or how much Catharine resisted his own entrepreneur skills kicked in. Patrick fought hard for the success of the business.

Patrick encourage Catharine, without his strong persuasion, PatnCat Co. would not have been born. Patrick took on the tasks of ensuring things ran smoothly, he took over the aspects that Catharine was not strong with, making the business an all around success. His pride and boasting was heard by all.

Patrick even brought some of his own strengths to PatnCat Co. with his 3D autocad designs. As Catharine got challenged with the lack of knowledge, he assisted with putting her through school, made her go to conferences, she left kicking and screaming but came back so pleased she went. He was there to help her pick her first employee, pick her up when she just really wanted to give up. Patrick was always there, to assist in anyway he could.

In 2015 , Patrick Eldridge said his goodbyes, he was always there to help, and be there for Catharine when needed, regardless. He is greatly missed by all.

Associations and Certifications

• Burlington Business Group
• Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada
• Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce
• Certified Professional Bookkeeper
• QuickBooks ProAdvisor/Online Certified ProAdvisor
• Experienced with QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Peachtree, and E2